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Monday, August 29, 2005

I Am So lucky



Sunday, August 28, 2005

THANK YOU !!!!!!!!!

Well the time has finally come, I leave on the 30th to head to Fort Jackson SC. I am a little nervous but for the most part I am excited to be going and to start on a new adventure. I think that this will be a great thing for me and if not what is 8 years LOL. I had a wonderful send off party last night it made me realize just how lucky I am and how many people that I have in my life that care. I have been blessed with a group of wonderful people and a family that anyone would be lucky to have. They have supported me in every thing that I have sat out to do. I don't know when the next time I will be able to post or to write but I will when ever I get the chance. Kris keep the blog going okay (no scrapbooking gossip, or double mothers stuff LOL) Well I love you all and will keep intouch as much as possable. Until then take care everyone and I will see ya in 2006.

aka Pvt Belle

Saturday, August 20, 2005

My Clan

I though it would be nice to post a picture of my boys who I am so proud of.
Bradley is 4 1/2(ask Belle the 1/2 is VERY important to him)he will be 5 on October 13th. He was born on a Friday with a full moon. Some might say that Friday the 13th is unlucky but that was the luckiest day of my life. After 19 1/2 hours of labor my 5lbs 14 oz boy greeted the world. Due to a birth defect he had surgery at 2 days old and was in the NICU a total of 17 days. It was AMAZING since his condition could keep infants in the NICU for months.

In Dec 2002 we became pregnant again and in Feb I found out I was having Identical Twins(we could tell so early cause their was only one placenta and one sac). That is a story in itself. After the shock and fear wore off I was excited. At 14 wks I found out we were having boys. And at 18 wks I was put on bedrest. And at 20 wks I was put on hospital bedrest. This was hard since I was hospitalizes 90 miles from my home. I would get to see Bradley once a week(Wednesdays)and then Jason would stay the weekend with me.
June 25th 2003 at 29wks the placenta abrupted and my boys were born, 11 wks premature. Brody 2 lbs 5.7oz and Jacob 3lbs even and both 14 inches long. After 8 and 10 wks in the NICU my boys were home. They just had their 2nd birthday and I am proud to say they are all caught up to their age group in height and weight!!!!

I am so proud of them and all their hard work....Okay enough babble.
If you made it this far


Friday, August 19, 2005

This post is to pass on a Blog Post from a friend well I think of him as a friend I have been reading his blog and posting and he has given me some advice and heads up on the Army. I was really moved by this Post and asked for permission to pass it on. I just wish I could put it on every front page newspaper around the world. I hope it gives you the same feelings as it did me and make us remember that what we do here will get back to our loved ones over there and it dose effect them. I wish that we Americans where not so selfish I take that back not all of us are but the ones who are would stand back and just think for one minute how there actions effect others.


"A Rant"

"This morning I found a whole pile of videos saved on people's shared folders on the computer we use. They were mostly homemade videos of here, images of sand, dust, convoys, Iraqis. Soldiers doing what they do, kicking in doors, taking detainees, and blowing things up. One of them was from the unit that we replaced, the 30th BCT from North Carolina. Another one was a long one from the 101st Airborne Division, who were some of the first troops on the ground here. They are also the ones that will be replacing us in a couple of months. There were other videos that were made up of pictures and clips from the World Trade Center attack. It was very good watching those, helped me to remember why we're here. It's very easy sitting in that little box that I call a job to lose perspective on things going on outside. It made me want to yell at people back home that have no idea what they're talking about.

That woman in Texas outside the Bush Ranch for instance. She aggravates me, even though I can't even remember her name. The President is trying to relax a little bit from what must be one of the highest pressured jobs in the world, and she has to go and bring a circus of media to squat on his freaking front yard. Give the man a break Lady! The President didn't kill your son, your son did something called VOLUNTEERING! He signed his own adult name to the recruiter's paperwork, and he did not have to ask your permission. If he thought he was doing it to make some college money or to go on a paid vacation around the world, then he was a fool. I tend to doubt that was the case, since most people that join the military understand what the military is for.

The military exists for one purpose, to kill people and blow things up. That's all. The college money and travel are perks. Every job in the military exists for that one purpose. The reason FOR the military is that there is an evil power in the world. That evil power shows its ugly butt in many forms, sometimes in the form of a child molester, or a serial killer, or a drug pusher. The form the President(and therefore, the military) is most concerned about is international terrorism. Terrorism is not something that STARTED on 11 September 2001, it ENDED there. President Bush drew a line in the sand finally, after eight years of having a sniveling, skirt-chasing liar as our commander-in-chief, and declared that we would not stand for it any more. We would no longer wait for the terrorists to attack us in our neighborhoods or our places of business, we would take the fight to them and exterminate them one by one like the vermin they are. That is why we went into Afghanistan, and that is why I'm writing this from a desk in Iraq instead of in the comfort of home. Because we finally have a President who has the cohonas to confront the bully and doesn't care what the world thinks. He is not a perfect man by any means. He has made mistakes, and he will continue to make them the rest of his life, just like you and me and every other human being on God's earth.

Judge not, lest ye be judged however. What you don't understand Lady, is that the world is not a happy little fairy land where the bunnies play and the deer frolic all the time. The world is fallen, and we have to clean it up from time to time. Your son signed his name as a man, and he died as a man, and all you're doing is staining his legacy with your whining. It is a sad thing that good men and women must die to defend the things they love. It is a NECESSARY thing however, something which must be done. Otherwise we're all reduced to cringing cowards, afraid of the boogeyman and his sharp teeth. Your son would want you to mourn, of course. But instead of pointing the finger at the one man in the world who had the opportunity to do something bold to prevent terrorism, you should choose instead to support him so we can hurry up and get through the mess.

The President didn't make the mess, he simply decided it was time to clean it up. This involves getting messy, as any of you who've ever cleaned up a mess know. You don't even have to do anything to create a mess, if you spend all your time being a little boy and having fun, the mess will come to you. That's what the previous president did, and now the current one is stuck with the mess. He didn't back down though, he plunged in and got his hands dirty, and your son chose to help him. May he and all the others that have died rest in peace, and may their families choose to honor their deaths and continue to pray for those still in the fight.

Ok, I'm done ranting now. I'm just tired of hearing people on the news criticize and point fingers and tell the President what he ought to do and how he screwed up. He isn't perfect, but then, neither are you. I hope some pansy who doesn't understand the necessity of war reads this and realizes how he/she has had their head in the sand. There is great beauty in this world of ours, and there is also great sorrow, sorrow for the evil that has tainted it. We should rejoice in the beauty, but every so often we have to get nasty with the evil in order to prevent a greater evil.You all have a good day, and thank God for the privilege He's given you of being able to live another day. Kiss your wife or your husband and your kids and be grateful for people like that poor silly woman's son, that are over here cleaning up the mess so you don't have to. Thanks for reading, and God Bless America."


(I didn't want to use his name or his blog name out of respect for him)

Tuesday, August 16, 2005

NEVER going to work outside the home FULL TIME!!!

These last two days have really challenged me not only mentally but physically. For all that don't know I am training to work with the Early Intervention program(EI). I just got done with 2 days of training in the area of Autism. My day started at 6am,it consisted of shower, getting dressed, waking the boys up, getting them to the potty before an accident, getting them dressed, putting make-up on, getting Brad up, getting his clothes, then doing my hair and out of the house no later then 7:30. Drop the boys off at grandma and explain brads therapy work he needs completed before he goes to therapy. I get to the training at 8:15 and we put our face in a book and lissioning to a Mike(TG he is entertaining or it would of been worse) for 4 1/2 hours then break for a 30 min lunch and back to the training for 4 more hours. Get home at 4:30 or soo and by that time I am drained. I just want to decompress but I KNOW my boys NEED my attention.

I think the hardest thing was KNOWING I was missing something that was going on with the boys. I would pump my mother in law with 100 questions just to see what I missed. The 1st day I was doing good until we had lunch and I got to talk to Cheri(MIL) about the boys, then I was a reck the next 4 hours.

I enjoyed that class alot and I am sure I will take another one, but I KNOW being a SAHM(stay at home mom) is MY JOB. It is my passion!!! It is what I crave!!!

I am so thankful that the ladies that want me to work for them know that and they are willing to let me be an EI teacher 2 days a week 2 hours a day. THAT I can handle. 2 hours is nothing and I can do them on Jason's RDOs.

I am glad I have my foot in the door now so IF I want to go full time when the boys get in school I can. But boy and I glad I can be with my boys(including Jason) ALL day tomorrow and not have to do a thing!!!

Gosh I love my JOB!!!

Counting Down

Well I am getting closer to the leave date, I haven't gotten any thing done. I am putting my stuff in storage for the time I am away no need in paying rent for 6 months on a place I am not living in. So a couple of friends offerd an empty house they have on their ranch. K so I think that everyone has moved at least on time in their lives right, well I have been for the last few days going thru things and wondering what in the heck I was thinking keeping this or oh my I haven't even been able to wear this in 10 years. It is amazing the stuff you don't relize that you have untill you have to go thru everything you own. I really do think that I am a great decendant of the packrat. I think I will have more stuff in trash bags than in boxes by the time I am done. Well anyways I am taking up packing time being on the computer so I guess I had better be getting back to my work. 14 days and counting down. Have a good day or night or what ever it is where ever you are.


Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Soldiers Humor

Look at the black patch under the U.S. flag...
You gotta love their humor.
Image hosted by

This was a email I recived today.
This SHOULD be on the front cover of Time, Newsweek, etc. But it won't be.

Let's you and I "put it there" by forwarding this all around the world (so to speak)!

The flags are France, Germany, and Russia -- in case you don't know.

What I didn't understand is why is the USA flag backwards???

Fort Jackson SC Here I Come!!!!

Well I am home for the time being I made it through MEPS with flying colors. WEll maybe not all of it okay so I will spill everyone deserves a laugh every now and then. K so We get our wake up call at 4 am be a breakfast by 415 and then the buss will be there to pick us up and take us to meps at 5 am not a problem. So we get to the meps and are standing around outside all 40 or so of us (only 12 ladies) well this Navy officer comes out and started telling us his rules and so on and what would happen if you where to break any of his rules ok got it. well then he tells us to take out our photo id's and put them in our front left pockets. Anyone who dosen't have an Id raise your hand. Well shoot. K a little back tracking now. when i did all of my paper work in Chadron with Sgt. Dehlings I had a expired Drivers license so I got a new one and on my way out the door to go to meps I thought hey I bet Sgt. Dehlings would need a copy of my new drivers license right. no problem put it in the scanner and make a copy. K back to Meps so I am standing there and going oh crap well not that word but you get the picture. So I raise my hand and the Navy guy looks at me and says you get your stuff and stand over there. Great this is great. so I grab my stuff and walk out of line and stand in front of everyone. But then I must have done something right because right when I was felling down. he said now you ladies, are any of you wearing any provokitive underwear, g-string, thong, well 2 girls raised their hands so he made them stand over with me. then as he was starting to talk again a 3rd girl raised her had and he said let me guess Army right. She said Yes. So then the navy guy walks up to me and said come with me great now I am done they aren't going to let me in. well in the end long story short because I left my id at home in the scanner. I got to be excorted up to Meps ahead of everyone else (who had to come in 3 at a time) and got a head start on all my stuff so in the end it worked out okay. Your are now looking at new member of the Army National Guard. I leave on the 30th of Aug for denver again then leave there on the 31st to head for Fort Jackson SC. where I will spend the next 5 to 6 months. (I will do my AIT there as well). well that is enough for me from now love you all and take care


Monday, August 08, 2005


Today is our dear old daddy's birthday. Not sure how old he is but I know he doesn't look as old as my birth certificate says....hehehe.

So on the day my dad was born many years ago his middle daughter enlists into the Army. And you better believe he is beeming with PRIDE!!!!

Happy Birthday DADDY!

Here are some pictures of your gift. Due to the mail it got here later then I though and I just got it into the mail today!!!!

Love you a bunch!

From: Kristy, Jason, Bradley, Brody and Jacob!!!
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Sunday, August 07, 2005

With a broken wing she carries her dreams...........

Well today is the big day and It would be a lie if I said I wasn't scared shoot right now I am so emotional that I can't stop crying and then when I do finlly stop crying I see something or read something and the river starts running again. Don't get me wrong I am so happy and excited to join the Army. There just has been a LOT of stuff happen in my life in the last 7 days and it has finally come together and I guess I just needed a good cry. But what a day to do it on. I just want to thank everyone in my family for the support that you all are giveing me Mom, Dad. I love you both so much no one could ever ask for better parents. Jen your a great big sister and a wonderfull person. Kris you are my bestfreind people always said that we where twins just born 2 years apart. John you make me so proud all that you have done all that you will do. I hope that I can be a little of the soldier that you are. BJ I know that you will never see this but I just want you to know that you are my one true love and that no matter what happens in the days to come, I will always love you. Nevada baby momma loves you so much that words could never do justice, baby we will make it we are strong god trully blessed me with you . Well I am crying again now so I am going to go and blow my nose, I love you all talk to you later



Tomarrow you head out and Monday you get sworn into the United States Army. JIC I don't get to talk to you before, I am so proud of you. I hope someone can take pictures. Take your camers JIC your recruiter will take some for you. I really want to see everything. I just wish some of your family could go. Damn BJ for not bring Nevada to see her mommy. Know I am with you at all time!!!


Friday, August 05, 2005

Getting a Head Start?????

Okay so I am trying so very dearly to get a head start on this basic training right, I have looked up all the ranks and the Army General Orders for boot camp, and the 7 core values LDRSHIP, This is suppose to help down the road so when everyone else is trying to memorise this stuff i will have it down and may give me a few more minutes of down time. okay so the site I am using is starting to crack me up I know that however when I am there and going through it I am positive that I will notbe cracking up. but any way if you all want a good laugh go to this link I started it on page 2 but it gets better with every page. my favorite is pages 3 and 4 so if you want a good laugh for now anyways here is the link

Well enough for now talk to you all later


PS I am really scared of the "Drill Sgt. Grandmother"

Thursday, August 04, 2005

Up and Running Again

K I am back I finally got it to work Don't know what I did but it is working again. Okay so back to the whole getting in shape right. I am now able to run 1.5 miles and feel okay still need to work a little on the breathing. situps are going good pushups gosh dang it do i ever hate pushups but I can say that I have improved but today I ran well I would jog then sprint then jog then sprint well you get the message that was the hardest. and now my calf muscles are so tight that I can't walk. Oh boy Well any ways just thought I would share my pain with the rest of you. thanks for every thing


What is Going ON!!!!

For some reason I cannot seem to get my blog page to come up. I can get everything else to work I can post. I can edit I can do all of that but I cannot get the main page to come up I just get a white page so if you can see this I will try to keep posting and get the problem fixed. Well I leave sunday the 7th for MEPS and on the 8th My dads B-day I get sworn into the army what a bday gift for dad. Well not much to say now I will talk to you all later and Kris NANA ANAN NANANA NANANAANNNAA. I love you


Wednesday, August 03, 2005


So Belle and I did a weight challenge. We started April 4th and our end date was Aug 1st.
Belle: Lost a total of 8 1/2 inches pretty much SLAUGHTERED me!

I did so good in the beagaining I started at 112.5 and my goal was 110 I got down there at about 8 wks in then I went all down hill. My end weight was 116 with 2 1/2 inche loss. We are going to continue the challenge AND I AM going to win this time.


Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Well Almost There

I am so excited and nervous all at the same time. I should find out tomorrow if all my paperwork went through okay and if I will be off to MEPS this weekend. I am almost there almost there. other than that not much to say I won the weight challeng than Kris and I had so she had to buy my MP3 player. HEEE. Thanks SIS love you better luck next time. I really mean it. well enough from me talk to you all later.



I had to remove a couple of our posts, It was not my intention to cause anyone pain and anyone who knows me knows that I do n0t go seeking to hurt people. I just wanted to thank Razor for the nice words of wisdom point well taken thanks so much. And to everyone else god bless America, where we have the right to say what we feel well most of the time with out........Well anyways. Hope everyone has a good day.

PS I passed the ASVAB just wanted to let you all know