This blog spot is set up for my sisters and I to vent our frustrations,keep our spirits up, and to support each other thru the time that our brother is over in Iraq. His blog spot is:

Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Just another day!

Just another day in my house. Not a whole lot happened. I talked to mom today and she said that she talked to John this morning and that he got hurt last night.
This is what she said.

tricia (6:49:35 PM): he was hurt he got burnt on his hands and back of his neck and a dislocated thumb he couldn't say how though he did say that he doesn't like it there and he wants to go back north
tricia (6:49:48 PM): he mentioned a convoy being ambushed
tricia_2257 (6:50:13 PM): but didn't comment wether it was his or no
tricia (6:50:36 PM): said he was tired and beat to death but he couldn't sleep

I haven't seen him online tonight and there hasn't been any updates so I hope he posts something soon.

Sunday, March 27, 2005

One of many post from the Little Sister

Well all my hard work on getting a journal going for John is on the rocks. Today he posted that he is going to delete it. I have talked to him alot about it and I have changed it where no one can reply to his comments. I let him know that we need this journal to continue. For us. I think I have done so well with him over in Iraq cause I can see his posts. I really am hurting for him. There he is worrying if he is going to live another day yet he has all the crap going on in his home life. This morning I broke down. This is what he said.
John(9:48:19 AM): Sis if something should happen to me I just want you to know I
love you and the boys and jason so much...

Saturday, March 26, 2005

First Of Many From The Middle Sister

Wow now what to say? Well I guess that I thought it was going to be a lot different with Dustin over there, I thought that we would be the ones to get the letters that you see so often in the movies that tell you of how fine they are doing over there (even though you know that they would come home in a heart beat and are just putting on a good front) That they tell you how much they miss you and how they can't wait for you to come home. I guess maybe this sounds a little selfish, but when did we lose the whole family is thicker than water, well blood is thicker than water but you know what I mean. Anyways, it seems like there are times that you just feel like a stepping stone in the path of someone's life, and that is great if that person is going down the right path, but if you know that they aren't it just makes it so hard. Well I love my brother and I guess that he has to learn the mistakes on his own if he won't listen to any of us not that we are always right but just be honest if you want to be with or do something that your family may not approve of at least have the respect for them to let them know and be honest with them. After all family is family and will always be family. Dustin I love you and miss you and worry about you every day. One of your many stepping stones

Middle Sister