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Wednesday, October 19, 2005

My Brother Gets to Come Home!!!!

WOOHOO I just got an IM from John today telling me he doesn't have to stay a 2nd year and today is his last day in Iraq and then he goes to Kuwait for his month mission and Iraq is over!!!

I am so excited, even more so since his blog was bombarded by cowards that live behind their words and not by their actions.

Now we just need to get Belle home from boot camp to see her little girl. Nov. 11th is her graduations!!!



Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am so happy for your brother!!

Michelle will be home before you know it!!

Dixie ;)

7:47 AM

Blogger JUST A MOM said...

OK WHAT happened? BUT for sure that is GREAT NEWS!!!!!!!!!! Prayers for John!!!!!!!

9:19 AM

Blogger Kim said...

That is Fantastic! Cannot wait to see if he will start writing again... I miss his stories :)

10:45 AM

Blogger Walking Contradiction said...

How is Belle, is she okay after her "missing" incident????

11:10 AM

Blogger Walking Contradiction said...

Hope John is well!

11:10 AM

Blogger Mother of 3 said...

Kim~ I agree I hope he will start writing again! It might not be John in Iraq...LOL but it will be something I am sure of it.

Matt~ it was my oldest sister....LOL if Belle went AWOL she would be in military jail.

6:08 PM

Blogger Walking Contradiction said...

Well, that is what I was thinking, never mind, I am just a bit "tardy"

12:01 AM

Blogger Walking Contradiction said...

update dang it!

4:56 AM

Blogger Walking Contradiction said...

dang it! dang it!

10:07 PM

Blogger JUST A MOM said...


11:46 AM

Blogger Walking Contradiction said...

dang it! dang it! dang it!

1:54 AM


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