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Monday, September 05, 2005

Recived a call from Belle

It was brief, not like our hour talks I am use to, but is was nice.....LOL I had to say "Hello" twice since I wasn't sure it was her voice and didn't want to feel like a dumb shit if it was someone elce.

She sounded so good and the mother she is has taken her bunk mate under her wings. She kept saying foster child and I finnally asked, "what is she like 18 or something." And she said "yes, tinny tiny and she reminds me of you"....should of know she would find the weakest one to help out.....LOL.

She didn't want to tie up the phone line since their were people behind her but she told me they were getting ready to ship out to the next place and when she gets there she will have an address for me....YAYYYYY!!!!

Our conversation lasted about 10 mins and to me that was plenty. I feel at ease right now, just what I needed.

Okay since I told you about the "Root Beer Toast", Amanda(online friend of mine) keeps asking to see them and I couldn't not find them for the life of me(guess I need to burn some pictures off to some CD's) well I found them. I never took them from my "Removable Storage" so they were just sitting there along with some pictures of my fish that I thought I lost. So here they are!



Blogger JUST A MOM said...

Now I bet the best part was the root beer and the ice cream huh!!!!! very cute!! You can blab to us,

9:50 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...


I am sooo glad (as you already know, heheheee) you heard from Chelle!! She sounds like she is getting along just great!!!!

The pictures are priceless!!!


6:32 AM

Anonymous Angi said...

OMG those are just the CUTEST! Glad to hear your sista is doing great.

~Just a mom~ If you read this I wanted to let ya know I am matt's wife. The one you were trying to get more info on..Hee hee. Yes he is a big pain in the butt but menas wel...most of the time.

11:39 AM

Blogger JUST A MOM said...

Just incase your mom didn't see he last comments,,,,,,,,,,,
JUST A MOM said...
OO hang in there, jut keep in touch with us. We can drive ya just as nuts, OH wait I guess I shouldn't speek for anyone else but me huh!
"just the girls mom" RIGHTTTTTTTTTTTTT !! You got your heart full! You need to start posting too. Well I'll be back to get updates. Hang in there.

12:52 PM

4:53 PM

Blogger JUST A MOM said...

OH WAIT,,,, I forgot the reason I came again,,, is John still getting his leave? Our family son/guy got his revoked because of the guys needing to get home from the hurricane area. Stinks! Hope John is still on his way.

4:55 PM


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