This blog spot is set up for my sisters and I to vent our frustrations,keep our spirits up, and to support each other thru the time that our brother is over in Iraq. His blog spot is:

Monday, September 26, 2005

Letter From Michele & John is off to Bagdad

Hi Kristy and everyone just wanted to let you know I recieved letter number 2 from Michele and she was really excited as she had done well on her victory tower and was thinking of going to airborne school, what she is thinking I'm not sure but her dad and brother thought that was cool. As Kristy said she is still trying to ajust to the climate change and the 3-4 hours of sleep per night. She said she did well on her first PT test all except push-ups and she felt that she was going to become an expert at them as they are making them do push ups every ten min. She said she made her first mistake, the DI asked for volunteers and she of course raised her hand, and so she is now Latrine boss and states getting 17-20 yr old girls to clean up after themsleves is worse than trying to get her daughter Nevada who is only 4 to clean. Her brother and Dad had previuosly warned her never volunteer in the first phase. Laughs she will learn. Also her brother has been home from Iraq for the past two weeks and flew out this morning at 6 am. He will be going to Bagdad, so all keep a prayer in your heart for John. It was nice having him home but the time was to short and before we knew it, it was time for him to return. He said he will send all a hello when get gets settled. Or maybe even during the long flight to kawait.

Saturday, September 24, 2005

Long Time

Well I was IM'd today saying I was going to be in trouble not keeping up the blog so here I am.

I have received two letters from Belle, she was so sick the 1st week of boot camp and is still trying to adjusts to the 4 hours of sleep the Army only requires. She hasn't heard from Nevada Sage in over 3 wks which BREAKS my HEART. How can someone be that insensitive???? Geeze can't he just pick up a card for N. and let her draw all over it and address it and put it in the mail for heavens sakes.

I think I am going to try to contact Lisa and see if I sent her a camera if she would take pictures of N. Birthday week and Birthday. I will pay the shipping and have it all together so all she has to do is put it in the mail. But I want Belle to have that. This will be the 1st birthday and Halloween she has had away from her daughter in 4 years.

I will let you all know how it goes. Thanks for stopping by. I will try to be better about updating.

Side note. I haven't heard from John since his cabin trip, I know he is out living life for one more week....or does he go back this week.....maybe I should call.


Monday, September 12, 2005

Image hosted by Taz we are thinking of you!

Hang in there buddy! Be strong.
This morning between 6:30 and 6:45 Taz was hit by a hit and run driver. He is at the vet right now being watched. There is sever trama to him as you can imagine. A little 10lbs dog doesn't have much of a chance against a 45 MPH car/truck.
The driver did not stop so they are not sure how long Taz had been laying outside.

Mom opened the door to call for Taz and unlike every other morning he didn't come running back in. She heard whimmpering and Yelled. John went out and got him. They took him to the vet and that is where he is right now.

Tommarrow is "D" Day they will see if he has improved or if it is Tazes time


Friday, September 09, 2005

I was *WRONG* about him!

I am quite embarrassed and I have thought about taking my previous post off but I wrote those words so now I need to live with them.

My mother is ecstatic she is just beaming. I called to get Belle's addy and she said "you must have esp we were just talking about you>" I then replied "oh were you just saying how you needed to call me and give me Michele's address?" She said "No, hold on" then JOHN got on the phone. He just arrived 30 mins prior to my call. They were all sitting around BSing in the hotel room. He was showing them video of that big spider or whatever it was.

Everyone was able to be there even Johns nephews and neice. I am sure they are just in ah of their Uncle John. See Richard has always looked up to Uncle John and I think he might of taken it the hardest when Uncle John left. They were heading out to dinner so I told him to call when they are done. he said he will send me the "Welcome Home" pictures so I can post.

I feel like a jack ass but I feel good he is home! For now that is!


Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Told you I would Update

So here is the update. John has called our mom and told her that he couldn't get a flight out until Friday and even then he will not be able to fly home the cloest he could get is Boise ID. Well that is a 6 hour drive on top of the fuel prices. I did a little researching and I have came to the conclusion he is pulling the same BS. There is a girl on his blog that lives in Boise that is expecting him this week....well I can't say it is John 100% but she said he is home on leave from Iraq...even though I am not 100% sure I am SURE he is pulling the same BS.

MAN I so wish he would of thought this out 1st. Our parents had this nice welcome home thing planned for him and the guys that are coming home with him and now that he has told mom he can't fly to his home town that means the celebration is off....I just keep thinking the "What if's" What if the other guys are flying home and they don't get this "welcome home" greeting from the others cause of my brother is unable to tell the truth.

I really thought war would change him. I hope he reads this and feels the pain his family is feeling right now. We hate being on the back burner, and even with time it doesn't get easier.


Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Update on John

Since some of you have asked, I did get a call from John last night. He has been sitting at this base in Iraq for 2 days waiting to get on a plane for Germany. I did talk to our mom today and she thinks they(his group) might of made it to Germany and they are just waiting on their next flight.

John did tell me due to the stuff that is happeneing over here they sent alot of their carriers over here to evactuate everyone. So that is the reason it is taking so long.

John told mom he should be in on Thursday. Good thing his leave doesn't start until Midnight the night he gets to his home town.

I will update when I hear more.

Monday, September 05, 2005

Recived a call from Belle

It was brief, not like our hour talks I am use to, but is was nice.....LOL I had to say "Hello" twice since I wasn't sure it was her voice and didn't want to feel like a dumb shit if it was someone elce.

She sounded so good and the mother she is has taken her bunk mate under her wings. She kept saying foster child and I finnally asked, "what is she like 18 or something." And she said "yes, tinny tiny and she reminds me of you"....should of know she would find the weakest one to help out.....LOL.

She didn't want to tie up the phone line since their were people behind her but she told me they were getting ready to ship out to the next place and when she gets there she will have an address for me....YAYYYYY!!!!

Our conversation lasted about 10 mins and to me that was plenty. I feel at ease right now, just what I needed.

Okay since I told you about the "Root Beer Toast", Amanda(online friend of mine) keeps asking to see them and I couldn't not find them for the life of me(guess I need to burn some pictures off to some CD's) well I found them. I never took them from my "Removable Storage" so they were just sitting there along with some pictures of my fish that I thought I lost. So here they are!


Thursday, September 01, 2005

What to do

Okay I am so in shell shock. I am use to talking to my sister 2 or more times a day and my withdrawals are kicking in now. I hate this. I have picked up the phone once today out of habit to call her and had to laugh at myself.

Aunt Belle told Brad she was going to make him his 1st Root Beer Float when she saw him, but every since their conversation he talkes about it all the time. So I thought it would be appropriate to toast Aunt Belle on her new journey so that is just what we did. Brad was so excited about it, he said it was "good" and when asked what his favorite part was he said "The root beer and ice cream" LOL so I guess it was a BIG HIT!!!!

Today was Belle's 1st full day at B.C. I hope it went well, I am sure she had a blast! She loves pain and stuff....hehehe.

I will post pictures of the toast as soon as I load them to the computer!!!